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Alex's video game history includes the likes of Black and White 2, The Sims (from the very first to The Sims 3), Dungeon Keeper 2, various Harvest Moon titles, Animal Crossing titles, Dragon Age, and Skyrim. Sometimes playing two games with rather clashing genres. Though her skills as a tank, paladin and similar classes have vastly improved, she's rather notorious for getting lost. Constantly. Despite having a map in the lower screen or upper right hand corner. Stealth missions also leave a lot to be desired for, as it leads to accidental deaths of targets.

The genre closest to her heart remains to be god-gaming, but various genres are a close contender to "which game will stab her with feelings out-of-the-blue frequently."

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Ina has a bad track record of abandoning video games for a long period of time, typically when she gets stuck at some point of a game and is unable to progress. This abrupt hiatus can be temporary or permanent, depending on Ina's skills- or rather, lack thereof. This is why finishing any game, no matter how big or small, is like the equivalent of unlocking a secret achievement for her. Ina's favorite games are usually of the hack and slash kind, but her forte lies in the rhythm genre, even if she can't play any real instrument nor dance in real life.

Her struggle with turn-based games is real. As real as how anybody can beat her at Tekken.

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*Disclaimer: Unless stated otherwise, all images used in our blog posts were nabbed from either Google Images, the Wikia page of whichever game we're discussing, or some other random corner of the Internet. In no way do we claim ownership over these pictures (unless they're one of those weird collages we put up at the beginning of a blog post, but even then the images used in those collages aren't ours to begin with anyway).


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