Saturday, July 26, 2014

Final thoughts on DmC: Devil May Cry

Hey, yo, I finished DmC! Surprised? So am I - mostly at how fast I managed to finish it. In this post I'll be delving more into the storyline, boss fights, difficulty level and so on… Some minor spoilers ahead, just a heads up!

When I made my initial DmC post, I was around Mission 8. The next time I played it, I went as far as Mission 13. Last week I played for some hours and stopped after I unlocked Mission 17. By then I wondered just how many missions there were because I was completely lost with just what my standing was in the story. I thought the mission count would go up to 60 or something but it turns out Mission 20 is the final mission. It was then that I realized I was so close to finishing the game.

So today I set my sights on doing just that. Finishing Mission 17 until the very end of the game took about 3 or so hours, I think. I already knew Vergil was going to be the final boss (‘cause I saw the words “DmC FINAL BOSS VERGIL” or something along those lines on YouTube, hah) but I had no idea why or how that boss fight would come to be.

Now, the actual final boss fight… I took way too much time, more than necessary, because I was doing it all wrong. (Read: blindly button-mashing and wasting items.) Once I had managed to hack down Vergil’s health to nearly empty, a clone would appear and totally cockblock me, providing ample time for Vergil to replenish his health.


By the second time I brought Vergil’s health down, the same cycle happened, even when I used the Devil Trigger. I was just “OK FINE, WALKTHROUGH TIME.” Prior to this I had managed to progress without having to even glance at a walkthrough.

As it turns out, Devil Trigger is a necessity for the killing blow to Vergil, because DT carries over to the cutscene after the boss fight. I mean seriously, that felt very borderline-glitchy to me. “Oh here dear player, try and beat our final boss! But you have to figure out that you can’t beat him unless your final blow is in Devil Trigger mode.”

Really? REALLY? Geez, man.

Now, moving on to the ending, it felt a little… anti-climatic. I felt a bit unsure about it all; like… that’s it? What happens next? What now? Even the cutscene that led up to the final boss didn't deliver much of an impact, despite it being a plot twist. (Maybe the plot twist wasn't all that unpredictable to begin with...?)

I think what made me feel that way was how short the game felt as a whole. I know there’s a lot of replay value, what with the several unlockables you can only access after levelling up much further in the game, not to mention the several difficulty levels… But story-wise? Either I had way too much fun playing and didn’t realize how fast playing it would be, or it really was short.

I felt like they could’ve expanded more on the story to prolong gameplay instead of relying on different difficulty levels (most of which you can only unlock after finishing the game in the current highest difficulty available to you at the time) for replay value. Thought that might’ve been the point all along: maybe the story and entire game were made short so that unlocking all the other difficulty levels would take less time.

Speaking of, I know DmC has gotten a lot of criticism regarding its difficulty level and how easy it is, especially for DMC fans who bled their lives away with DMC3. I played on Devil Hunter, which was the average difficulty setting when you first start playing, and it was pretty doable. For that to come from someone like me just means it’s probably easy as fok for seasoned players.

To compare, I found Kingdom Hearts (okay, lame comparison, I know, but go with me here) boss battles to be much more challenging than DmC bosses. The boss battles in DmC (there are 6 of them all in all) were pretty doable; most of them I managed to beat in one try, and the most frustrating out of them all was probably Vergil’s, mostly because I got stuck trying to figure out just how to beat him. The most challenging boss fight for me was… maybe the Bob Barbas one, only because of those annoying rays getting in the way of my Eryx Slam.

Bob Barbas boss battle (what a mouthful) on Son of Sparda difficulty.

There were some missions that I found more challenging than the boss battles themselves; the waves of demons I had to get through in Mission 17 were more stressful than the Mundus boss battle. Like I said in my previous post though, it was the combo maintenance that really kept me on my toes.

Overall I really enjoyed the game, though it did feel a little short, especially for someone like me who plays games to finish them and not necessarily complete every nook and cranny of each and every level provided. I DO wish they’d come out with a sequel or something, though that’s obviously an unpopular opinion ‘cause a lot of folks are still on the fence (or totally against it) with this reboot.

DmC: Devil May Cry is something you might love or hate, depending on which spectrum of the gaming world you’re on. Most DMC die-hards/elitists/classics/whatever you want to call them have so much hate for the game and the “new” Dante, while others (though only a small portion of what I’ve encountered) have embraced DmC and would even go so far as to say it trumps the older games (though that opinion is very, very, very rare.) I personally enjoyed it, but I've no background with the previous numbered entries in the franchise, so my opinion isn't much. My favorite aspect is still definitely the soundtrack, and if you’re interested, you can check out some of the game’s music here.

As of this post, I feel a little sad having finished DmC, but that only means I really enjoyed the heck outta it. I do think it’s worth checking out, classic DMC fan or not, especially if you’re a hack-n-slash person like me.

Now if only I could finish all my other games…

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