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Top 10 Video Games According to Arcadexpoints

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Hello everyone!

Alex here.

So tagging people on lists in Facebook have been a recent trend (Ina obnoxiously interjects here to state that this post was drafted sometime in 2014 but never saw the light of day because I, Ina, wanted to join in on this Top 10 video games shenanigan but always withheld working on my part of the blog post, thus pushing the publication of this further and further back -- TLDR; INA SUXXX) and honestly, it's a trend that I could live without. However, one particular Top 10 list was interesting enough for me to think about (but not really to post + tag people on Facebook) and that's the Top 10 video games. Ina and I, however, thought that it would be a cool post here on Arcadexpoints!

So starting off for me:

The Sims
Dungeon Keeper 2
Black and White 2
Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town
Kingdom Hearts
Tekken 4
Pokemon Platinum
Dragon Age Origins
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
Borderlands 2

Now, usually there is a spiel for most of the games in the list, but honestly, me talking about 10 video games without a specific topic is just too ramble-y. So I'll try to condense it as much as possible.

Essentially, the game that REALLY got me into video games was the very first The Sims. Yes, it may have been a glorified Dollhouse Simulator, but that's the brilliance of it. It was the feeling of utter delight when I got the Expansion Packs (actually, this game introduced me to the concept of expansion packs), and I got to play around with new items, new sims and new ways of trapping said sims and setting stuff on fire. True, the game didn't have much going on for it back then, but damn was the game addicting.

Dungeon Keeper 2 and Black and White 2, however, solidified my love for the God Gaming genre, which pretty much assured my future for buying the succeeding The Sims games. I still don't know how my dad was able to get away with letting me play Dungeon Keeper 2, considering I was around 13 at that time, seeing as the game's tagline is "It's Good to be Bad."

More Friends of Mineral Town was my second Harvest Moon title to try (which was funny because I joined that bandwagon late enough that I finished playing Save The Homeland long before I played it) and pretty much got me to love the game, as well as introducing the whole "so how do I get _____ to purple heart?" semi-crazy out of context conversations.

Kingdom Hearts is already known as a feelings-barfed induced game for Ina and I, so that's pretty self explanatory. Tekken 4, oddly enough, is my favourite in the entire series because it was so different from it's predecessor and made it so enjoyable, and it still rings true until now (also I think the addition of Steve Fox was a brilliant move and I want to smooshpap his face).

Pokemon Platinum rekindled my love for Pokemon games, as I had given up halfway through the 3rd generation game, because the Pokemon just weren't that interesting for me. Pearl - Diamond - Platinum got me back on track, which explains why a lot of my favourite pokemon come from this generation.

Dragon Age Origins and Skyrim I will lump together here because these games are the games that I will, and can, dedicate hours upon hours for immersion and character development. Sure, the latter doesn't have that unlike the former, but sunset to sunrise (given the chance) will find me staring at the screen, freaking over dialogue choices in order for my companions to be happy forever and not die or stab me in the heart. (Spoiler: they will).

Borderlands 2 was my first introduction to serious FPS games. My friends and I took to this game with all the grace of a t-rex trying to swim, and it is the most fun we've ever have playing as a group. I honestly believe that its the best game to start when you want to get into FPS games.


Hello, now it is Ina speaking, and here is my personal list of Top 10 video games that have left an impact on my life, regardless as to whether I like them or not. These are not necessarily my all-time favorites either (though most of them are), so in no particular order, here are the games that have been influential to my gaming life:

Bust a Groove
Kingdom Hearts
Katamari Damacy
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
Final Fantasy XIII
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly
Road Trip
Guitar Hero

Bust a Groove a.k.a. ONLY THE BEST RHYTHM GAME IN THE HISTORY OF EVERYTHING. I won't bother reiterating how passionate I am about this series as I touched upon this in my rhythm games post, but BaG is very, very special to me. I'm a little sore that this doesn't have its own HD remastering in an era where nearly everything is getting redone in high definition. In the same vein is Guitar Hero (which was also briefly discussed in the aforementioned rhythm games post), which I wish I could still play, but my only working copy is the second entry in the franchise (and my personal favorite is GH3), as my other copies are either already busted or are so outdated that they can't be calibrated for proper gaming experience. These days, even GF isn't very playable anymore because its current version in arcades has a bit of a confusing interface. BaG and GH are those games that really make me miss the old days, especially since I barely have any rhythm games that aren't on a handheld device.

Katamari Damacy couldn't not be included, because I pretty much belong in the KD world. Along with its funky soundtrack and colorful visuals -- not to mention its (literally) out-of-this-world character designs -- KD's actual gameplay is also what makes it a very unique experience.

The Nintendo DS Lite re-initiated me into the world of handheld gaming (after I grew out of my GameBoys a little after my childhood, which subsequently led to said GameBoys being given away to younger relatives and my parents' reluctance to let me have a DSLite in fear that I may grow out of it as well), and with that came my foray into Animal Crossing. While its 3DS entry with New Leaf is a vast improvement with a lot more to offer, Wild World has a special place in my heart in that I really enjoyed it a lot with my friends. It was my first AC game in general, and looking back on it brings me only fond memories, not just of the game, but of that particular time in my life as well.

Another game on this list for its nostalgic factor is Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. I may have sucked real bad at it (I didn't know marriage was even an OPTION until I was in high school!), but it was so, so addicting despite its premise of being a game about... farming, of all things. It's heaps of fun and a lot more than taking care of barn animals, trust me, and I know any HM fan can relate to how great Back to Nature was.

Final Fantasy XIII is here because it was the first Final Fantasy game that I ever finished. This is always going to be a big deal because: one, I almost NEVER finish games and two, it's a Final Fantasy game.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney was the AA game that gave me so much feels. The entirety of my first playthrough of it was with a heavy heart because, well... my heart just went out to Phoenix and what brought on his circumstances in this entry of the franchise. By the end credits, I was in tears from all the F E E L S.

We all know I'm the biggest pussy when it comes to the horror genre, but I've come to really enjoy Fatal Frame, particularly Crimson Butterfly. Markiplier's recent exposure to this game has totally rekindled my love for it as well. FF2 was the first game I played in the franchise, though even prior to playing, it already held my interest, what with the whole exorcising-ghosts-via-camera thing being an integral element of the story and gameplay. The very first time I played it in high school was quite the experience as well, but that's another story for another day.

Road Trip was one of those games I never heard anyone else speak of. To this day, I still don't know anyone else (in my personal life) that knows of this game. It was one of those games I randomly picked up when I was younger, but man am I glad this random encounter took place in my life. Road Trip is a game with no human interaction because all the characters are vehicles. It's more than just a racing game, it's almost like an open-world game... except with just cars. The afternoons I spent with this game are countless, and that one radio station I was always tuned in to was particularly catchy to boot.

Notice how Kingdom Hearts was included in my list, but not discussed. I don't feel compelled to explain myself, and I'm sure y'all know why. Thanks for reading!

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