Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's an Animal Crossing Parade!

Single island, animal occupants, new human neighbour that somehow becomes the mayor of the town-island. In hindsight, kind of sounds like a horror movie in the making.

All images taken from Google (as per usual).

I'm on a roll with games that I have played and, personally, find have very little replay value. And next on this list happens to be Animal Crossing: A New Leaf.
There isn't really much to say about this game, really. Sort've how when you play one Animal Crossing game, you've pretty much played them all (with updated graphics, different side stories and objectives). You're pretty much someone who wanted to go "spread their wings and fly," and once you've gotten to the village of your naming, suddenly you're ordained Mayor (despite not having the villagers vote for you) and now you alone must make the small island village thrive.

I kid you not, I really wanted the wolf villagers.
Yes, I am qualified to be a *looks at hand* mayonnaise.
Then your "goals" here, and I mean in it the loosest sense possible, would be to get your village to become beautiful, cross breeding flowers to get different kinds (yay Punnett square system), expanding your house till it reaches an acceptable level, finishing the museum, and an elaborate game of trading villagers and getting rid of the ones you don't like.

It's still mind boggling that that there was an entire system to trading villagers. That involved bells. Just. Wow.

However, they did introduce a new "down town" section, where we have our usual Nooks' store, gardening store and museum, but this area also introduces the new Dream Town. It's pretty much making your town, and then letting people visit it when they decide to dream (ala Inception, only less drama). And the Island, never forget the island of "learning how to make fast cash."

... going, downtown~
Also what was pretty cool was that you could get up to 3 friends to play in your village. It's a great way to help friends expand much faster, as well as show-off how amazing your home is (and tell them "pls don't run DDD:"). The customisation this time around was pretty well done as well, from making-and-sharing your outfit designs, to an interesting 20-Questions-Type of game in order to change your hair.

You've come to the wrong neighbourhood, motherf*cker.
Anyway. I'm just going to put this out there: Animal Crossing: A New Leaf is the sort of game you'll love if you have a lot of time. It's a game where you need to dedicate a lot of your time to make your envisioned perfect town a reality. And me? I just don't have that time anymore.

Call it horrible timing or whatnot, but when NL came out, I just started my new job. Thing is, my job takes up a lot of time. Like a lot of time. Sure, I was able to stick to the game for a few good solid months, but once I realised how much time traffic + driving + office-life takes up, I honestly had to drop the game. 

Sure, I loved it. But having to constantly screw up time just to get money, having to skip a couple of days for the game to actually earn money had made it lose it's appeal to me faster than normal. Oh well.

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