Sunday, August 24, 2014

Art Book: DmC Devil May Cry Visual Art

I know what you're thinking: "ANOTHER post on DmC? Really Ina? Do you not obsess over anything else?!" I'll have you know that I do obsess over many things, like anime and kpop, but I can't just have a copy of this and not talk about it, right?

While I was a little underwhelmed when I finished the game (which you can read about here + my first impression here), at the end of it I thought, "Man, it'd be nice if I could have a copy of the art book." I wasn't pinning for it or anything, but having unlocked some of the official artwork you're awarded with in-game, I thought it'd be cool to actually have an actual physical copy of these visuals for myself. Lo and behold, I found it at the mall a few weeks later.

Some minor spoilers for characters/area designs under the cut!

The book features a soft bound cover, which makes it susceptible to creasing and wrinkling. It's a little off-putting considering how much this cost (admittedly, this was a bit of an impulse buy, BUT I REGRET NOTHING), however I do think the book makes up for it with its page count, coming to nearly 200.

I really liked that they included the street art shown in the game. These were only shown in passing during Vergil's narration of his background with Dante, so it's nice to get a good look at these in all their vivid glory.

What's a video game art book without concept art for the protagonist?

I was really disappointed that this book didn't show any early character designs for Vergil. They had shown several for Kat, and even some for Mundus, but none at all for Vergil, which I thought was a bit odd, considering how big a piece Verg is in Dante's life.

This book did not feature all of Dante's weapons, which I found weird because they chose to feature all of his firearms- some of which are rather simple in design- but not his other melee weapons like Osiris and Rebellion, which looked a lot more visually interesting.

One of my favorite parts of this book was probably the portion featuring the demons you encounter in-game. It's really interesting seeing how some of these demons and bosses looked like initially and how different the final product turned out.

And of course, set design per mission. My favorites have got to be the designs for Missions 7-10 and 13-14, which feature the area pre-Bob Barbas fight and Lilith's club, respectfully.

I'll end the post with a (literally) quick video showcasing the rest of the book. Thanks for reading!

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