Thursday, June 9, 2016

Of Monsters and Cracked Skulls

Never have I hated the Bird Wyvern monsters more until I met the Velocidrome and the Gendrome. 

So it’s been a while since I last picked up a new game, I’m not going to lie (also it's been a while since Ina and I have posted, this is our attempt at getting our collective sh*t together LOL). I’ve been going back to old favourites because either a) I haven’t finished the game despite dumping over 200 hours in it (stares at Inquisition) or b) friends have revived my interested despite the short flame (stares at A New Leaf).

But that aside, despite joining the bandwagon VERY late into the game, I was able to grab myself a copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate a few months back. 

I mean sure I never really “finished” MH3U, but there’s only so many times I can try carving the Lagiacrus underwater for it’s freaking head, or getting ooze blasted into the next area by the Brachydios before I hang up my switch axe in frustration.

Also I have the cute armours I wanted so I think I’m good. #priorities

So MH4U brings to the table a whole new set of content and updates. Sure, it might not have a lot of original monsters, but I’m on the assumption that the HQ does an elaborate game of spin the wheel + darts + dice rolling when making their monsters so no big deal on that end.

Also never have I seen something so similar yet dissimilar to the Duramboros as the Basarios. Jesus.

Both look like rocks, but one has a large tail to screw you over with, while the other can poison AND set your ass on fire

Plot is pretty much your “mysterious stone of whatever let’s go find out what it is” kind, but it does give you a background on how many hunters there are out there, and that there is a guild/organization for hunters.

And speaking of hunters, aside from your regular LAN parties, you can now join hunts ONLINE. As in via Internet. Meaning it’s time for me to embarrass myself at an international level since half of my strategy is literally RUN — SWING — RUN AGAIN.

In this game, they’ve also gotten rid of Underwater hunting. Now I wouldn't be lying to say I’m sad to see it go, but remembering that the demonic-fish that is Plesioth I’m more than okay with this installment idea.

But then they never did get rid of the fish with legs.....
What’s interesting about this new instalment in the series is that the controls feels significantly heavier than MH3U. It’s sort of hard to explain unless you play both games, but there is a considerate time between unsheathing your weapon, attacking and unsheathing it again that makes it feel like it’s taking your hunter time to do these things because of the weight of the weapons.

Not really a significant thing, but it does make me time my attacks more precisely (or in some cases, panic because I was spamming X again when I should be running. 

Also you can now jump on the back of monsters.

Never have I felt more badass than jumping off a wall going “caw, caw mother*cker” then stabbing them.

Caw Caw Jaggi b*tch
Another note for the game is that rather than an island as your main-stay, you’re actually moving around in a caravan. Which means that there is a story behind what is happening. Which makes actually reading what the characters tell you instead of spamming the A button.

Yay character dialogues!

Anyway, it’s safe to say that I’m very much into this game, and I honestly can’t wait to try to hunt the bigger monsters. It’s way too much fun running around and jumping on their backs.

Also if you come across a Palico with a missing eye and the name Cake, that’s mine.

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